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Photo by Linn Heidi Stokkedal


TRIO FRANOR is a new French-Norwegian guitar trio established in February 2018. The trio consists of Marine Bouttier, Ingrid Horvei Lyslo and Anna Vegrim Ryvænge. The three young women share the joy and the curiosity of the classical guitar, and they begun their musical journey playing a broad spectrum of repertoire for guitar trio. Bit by bit they form their path focusing on their origins, exploring both contemporary and older music by French and Norwegian composers.

The trio met for the first time at a guitar summer-course in the French Alpes in 2017. They immediately got a special connection and friendship, and they promised each other that they had to meet again! And, in the beginning of 2018, they decided to establish Trio Franor. 

Their first concerts and micro tour, was held in Denmark in the summer of 2018. They spent a whole month together this summer, and drove all the way from Denmark to France where they also played concerts and attended the same festival where they first met. 

Since then, they have played both in festivals and toured in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and France.



“The trio “plays all strings” both literally and figuratively. They made their guitars sound like there were several different instruments present. A beautiful and distinctive experience.” 

- Sindal Avis, Danish Newspaper

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